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Prosthesis Care

How to properly care for your ocular prosthesis



Never clean or soak your prosthesis in alcohol as it will crack the plastic and destroy the prosthesis.


Remove the prosthesis only as necessary. Too much handling can cause irritation and excessive secretions. If you remove your prosthesis, be sure to store it in cool boiled water or soft contact lens saline solution. This will keep deposits from drying on the surface. If your prosthesis has numbers on it, the numbers go up and under the top lid upon reinsertion.


When cleaning or wiping the prosthesis, remember to always wipe towards the nose. Wiping away from the nose may dislodge or rotate the prosthesis.


To clean your prosthesis, use a mild liquid soap or baby shampoo. Wash the eye between your fingertips. A damp washcloth, cotton ball or a Qtip is also helpful to wipe away softened deposits from the surface.


If you need to rinse out the socket, use sterile saline solution. Sterile saline is available at the drugstore and is found in the contact lens solution section of the store.


Any eye drops that your doctor may have prescribed for you can be used with the eye in place. It helps to lean your head back in a lounge chair or sofa for a few minutes to allow the drops to reach behind the prosthesis.


In most cases, your tear layer will provide all the lubrication necessary. However, if needed, there are lubricating drops available and we can help you select the best lubricant as required. Sometimes eye drops can be very beneficial against dryness, especially on extra dry or windy days.


Acrylic materials can absorb fluid. Immersion in disinfectant for a long period of time will cause it to be absorbed into the material resulting in irritation and burning.


The prosthesis should be professionally cleaned and polished every six months. Scratches and deposits accumulate over time and may not be smoothed or eliminated except by your ocularist. This will prolong the life of the prosthesis, which is approximately five years for adults and two years for children under nineteen.

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Insertion of your ocular prosthesis

TO INSERT PROSTHESIS Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your prosthesis. Wet the suction cup and place it on the front surface, preferably over the iris area. (If inserting without a suction cup, hold the prosthesis between your fingers). The top of the prosthesis is marked with your initials and numbers. Lift the top lid and slide the prosthesis upwards as far as it will go. Release the top lid.

Hold that position while taking your hand away from the top lid, and transferring it to the bottom lid. Pull the lower lid down and lightly push the eye into place. Squeeze the suction cup at the bottom portion, closest to the surface of the eye, to break the suction. Gently take the suction cup off the prosthesis.

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Removal of your ocular prosthesis

TO REMOVE THE PROSTHESIS WITHOUT A SUCTION CUP Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your prosthesis. Place your index finger on the lower lid. Push the lid in slightly while pulling in a sweeping motion with your finger, towards your ear. The lower edge of the eye should slip out, over the lid and into the palm of your hand. Keep a towel below when removing in case the eye falls.

TO REMOVE PROSTHESIS WITH A SUCTION CUP Wet the suction cup and squeeze it. Tilt your head down and spread the lid margin with your fingers.

Apply a little pressure to the suction cup to make contact with the prosthesis, preferably over the iris area. Using the suction cup as a handle, tilt the suction cup upwards.

Pull down on the lower lid and slide the prosthesis downwards, out over the lower lid. Never pull the prosthesis straight out of the socket.

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